Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My first birthday

Hello All,

Here is my first birthday, I can now clearly identify my family, usually I don’t like crowed, but celebrate my birthday I found good amount people where there to wish me.


I am sorry if some one missed out from this photo, its hard to remember all the face and identify, but I can tell you where I am sitting, you can see I am sitting with my dear grand mother and mom in my left and dad my right.

I appreciate that you came and make my birthday so wonderful, hope you enjoyed too, specially Chintan uncle and Subhash uncle, I played lots with them. I should not forgot Dipti di and Prima di.

24102007487 DSC02338 DSC02357

Hey forgot about one person he is son of Kunal uncle I also play with him as he was only one with my age.

DSC02356 24102007474 24102007475

Now its time to cake cutting, watch out my cake, its specially ordered for me by Kunal uncle.


Lets see some cake cutting photos.


There are lots of photos taken from all the cameras, its not easy to pick some and place here, I thanks for all camera man to do their job greatly :) And here is cutest photo, I was just wondering what’s happening.

DSC02339 I got lots of gifts from all over, again thanks all of you to share your love with me, I like all the toys, even next day I have started using few :) see


So that was my wonderful birthday day, many many happy returns to me. Some more cool photos.