Friday, October 31, 2008

My first social outing

Here is the month of fun came, Diwali a festival of crackers which I don't like for now, as it’s lots of noisy. We went to Mahabaleshwer the hill station near by Bombay. I love to go out and it was my first outing so was so much exited and happy to see new world.

Can you believe me, I haven’t did any trouble to my Mom and Dad, I think that was the good part of outing he he he. After struggling with trains and vehicle after all we reach our destination, I was tired and sleepy.

In first morning I was first to get ready for outing, and started taking photos.

Yeeee its my first outing, I am so excited. First we did go carting, there was a big queue which make me tired; was standing for 10-20 mins!!! I was relaxing my leg.

And finally we did it!!! for next 10 mins we were in small car and moving in road covered by tiers so we were safe :) My dad took some quick photo while driving!!! Crazyyyyyy huh!!!

Did lots of fun during the day went to park, enjoyed sliding lots, was not willing go leave that place, I was having so fun.

I was so tired went to sleep after getting dinner. Next morning I got ready to do some more fun. We went to place called ‘Writer Place’ it’s so scary! My dad throw my in air, I was so scared!! This was one of the stunting photo :)


In evening we went to park, where I did some riding!

I was enjoying sitting on duck, horse and helicopter.

Overall it was good outing, did lots of fun you should go to this place and enjoy the moment.