Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Third Birthday

Hello All,

I came again after a long time. I would like to share my third birthday with you. This was not a big occasion though I was with my family.

This time my birthday came in Ramdan; our holy month. So there were no any party sharty!!!

As and always I am eager to cutting and eating cake! When cake came to home I was searching for knife to cut and eat regardless of for whom it for!

After all that time came when I have to cut this cake and eat it all!!

I was with my grand mother and my cousin sister. Yeah Yeah Yeah…..

That was a fun eating lots of cake on my birthday; well that said I mean any occasion. If you don’t believe then see my mouth! It’s full of Cake!

See, so whenever any occasion let me know, will come for cake cutting and off course for eating!!

See you again.   

Friday, October 31, 2008

My first social outing

Here is the month of fun came, Diwali a festival of crackers which I don't like for now, as it’s lots of noisy. We went to Mahabaleshwer the hill station near by Bombay. I love to go out and it was my first outing so was so much exited and happy to see new world.

Can you believe me, I haven’t did any trouble to my Mom and Dad, I think that was the good part of outing he he he. After struggling with trains and vehicle after all we reach our destination, I was tired and sleepy.

In first morning I was first to get ready for outing, and started taking photos.

Yeeee its my first outing, I am so excited. First we did go carting, there was a big queue which make me tired; was standing for 10-20 mins!!! I was relaxing my leg.

And finally we did it!!! for next 10 mins we were in small car and moving in road covered by tiers so we were safe :) My dad took some quick photo while driving!!! Crazyyyyyy huh!!!

Did lots of fun during the day went to park, enjoyed sliding lots, was not willing go leave that place, I was having so fun.

I was so tired went to sleep after getting dinner. Next morning I got ready to do some more fun. We went to place called ‘Writer Place’ it’s so scary! My dad throw my in air, I was so scared!! This was one of the stunting photo :)


In evening we went to park, where I did some riding!

I was enjoying sitting on duck, horse and helicopter.

Overall it was good outing, did lots of fun you should go to this place and enjoy the moment.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My first birthday

Hello All,

Here is my first birthday, I can now clearly identify my family, usually I don’t like crowed, but celebrate my birthday I found good amount people where there to wish me.


I am sorry if some one missed out from this photo, its hard to remember all the face and identify, but I can tell you where I am sitting, you can see I am sitting with my dear grand mother and mom in my left and dad my right.

I appreciate that you came and make my birthday so wonderful, hope you enjoyed too, specially Chintan uncle and Subhash uncle, I played lots with them. I should not forgot Dipti di and Prima di.

24102007487 DSC02338 DSC02357

Hey forgot about one person he is son of Kunal uncle I also play with him as he was only one with my age.

DSC02356 24102007474 24102007475

Now its time to cake cutting, watch out my cake, its specially ordered for me by Kunal uncle.


Lets see some cake cutting photos.


There are lots of photos taken from all the cameras, its not easy to pick some and place here, I thanks for all camera man to do their job greatly :) And here is cutest photo, I was just wondering what’s happening.

DSC02339 I got lots of gifts from all over, again thanks all of you to share your love with me, I like all the toys, even next day I have started using few :) see


So that was my wonderful birthday day, many many happy returns to me. Some more cool photos.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

My second month – December A winter season

This is my second month running, I have very tight schedule and also my mom, grand mother and dad have very tuff time to maintain my schedule, They were three and I was one :)

I use to wake-up at any time in mid-night and sleep a lot in day time. At noon my dear grand mother do massage to make my bones stronger then my dad :) also my faces are get covered with face-packs so I can look smarty ;) After getting such loving care my mom take me to bath. Then my mom tied me so tightly to make my hands and leg straight. Yeah she was doing that, don’t you believe? Look at the photo!


One more, see


I get so tired after getting massage, use to take long sleep and look at me, how I look like, I only shake my head.

In evening I use to sit in my Carry Coat, I use to give lots of action. Have a look at me.




I start giving smiles once I saw someone doing fun for me.


It was December – winter season, was watching into my dad’s deep eyes! Was totally fascinated:)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Day 6 Naming Ceremony

Welcome Again,

Today I become 6 day old, lots of kisses to me on this occasion, all relatives are part of this. There is another name in queue which was Ayan. As I born on the moon night my uncle suggest name as Chand Mohamad :), but then my sweet grand father give me my name which is ARMAAN, which is appreciated by everyone.

Photo of the day.


So, now I have name given to me;Armaan Imran Bhadelia, son of Imran Raheman Bhadelia and Rafia Imran Bhadelia.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My First Blog Post

Hello my friends,

This is my first blog post, I got inspiration from one of my girl friend Anaya’ Blog, click here to visit her blog; she is very cute and lovable.

I born on a very special day which is not only for my parents and family but also for all the community, the day was Moon Night of Eid-ul-Fitra [Ramdan Edd]. The day when god blesses on all the people who did fasting full month and now ready to celebrate Edd. So that make my day more special, it was 24th of October  2006 and as per community calendar it was 1st of Shavval 1427. I explored my birthday so I am expecting gifts and wishes on that day from all my viewers :).

I was little bit disappointed on that day, as there were lots of people around me but I was not able to find my Dad. I found it after 2 hours! common dad how can you come so late! This is first time so I am just forgiving you, please be always on time :)

Let me share my few photos.

My First Day