Sunday, December 24, 2006

My second month – December A winter season

This is my second month running, I have very tight schedule and also my mom, grand mother and dad have very tuff time to maintain my schedule, They were three and I was one :)

I use to wake-up at any time in mid-night and sleep a lot in day time. At noon my dear grand mother do massage to make my bones stronger then my dad :) also my faces are get covered with face-packs so I can look smarty ;) After getting such loving care my mom take me to bath. Then my mom tied me so tightly to make my hands and leg straight. Yeah she was doing that, don’t you believe? Look at the photo!


One more, see


I get so tired after getting massage, use to take long sleep and look at me, how I look like, I only shake my head.

In evening I use to sit in my Carry Coat, I use to give lots of action. Have a look at me.




I start giving smiles once I saw someone doing fun for me.


It was December – winter season, was watching into my dad’s deep eyes! Was totally fascinated:)

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